“Hi, my name is Rose.” the receptionist said. She was sitting behind the desk in her office. There was a huge fan behind her, a computer in front, and a basket that had massage oil on her left side.

“Hi. I’m Hailey.” I responded. I was told by the manager, David Ray, that Rose would be the one to show me the way around once I got there. She had a goth look with blonde hair. She wore black lipstick with black eyeliner framing her green eyes.

Rose was wearing a robe that clearly indicated that I was at a massage parlor. It was white and silky. I knew that I was about to get my own.

“Show me your Lingerie.” She said while pointing at the Channel bag I was holding in my hands. I had spent the previous day shopping, trying to pick a good outfit for my evening and now, Rose wanted to approve that I bought the right thing. Well, I didn’t expect that someone else would want to see what I was about to wear. However, I had to get used to that. After trying, red and white lace, I settled on a black silk robe, ties ups, push-ups, corsets, and every other clothing I could think of. However, it seemed like the focus wasn’t on what I should be wearing but on my skills.

Now working in a hotel as a waitress wasn’t getting me enough money as I had hoped. While I loved serving clients at the restaurant, I had other needs that needed extra cash. With my mum being hospitalized for cancer and my brother needing his school fees to be paid, I was willing to do anything as long as it gave me extra cash. So when a friend of mine told me about the London escort job, I didn’t think twice. I registered on an agency that approved me quickly since I had quite a sexy body and here I was ready for my big day.

“You didn’t come with a G-string?” Rose asked she sounded surprised.

“Is that okay?” I asked.

Rose, tilted her head like she was really thinking hard.

“Yes, I guess.” “Let me show you around, but first condoms.”

She pulled some condoms from a drawer on the front desk. There were many of them in different sizes and varieties. She gave me a dark brand color and told me that those were her favorites. Well, I wasn’t surprised since even though it was a massage parlor, I had expected some sexual involvement with clients.

Then she stood up and I couldn’t help seeing the orange G-string Rose was wearing beneath her rope. She explained everything to me including how I should always get paid upfront, how to use the credit card machine, when to call the office, etc.

I was glad that my first night was okay since Rose had given me an intense introduction. But before I could head home, a man walked in. His hair was grey and looked like a prominent businessman. Now, all the other girls were busy so I had to wait to get a room which was fine as I took the time to calm myself down.

I remembered to get the payment first as I had earlier been told by Rose, plus I wasn’t sure how look it was going to last. Finally, I got a room and I ushered him inside. He got to the bed and threw the covers then said

“I want a blow job.”

It was under 20 minutes, although he’d paid for an hour session. He was nice though and he even tipped me $100 before he left. I wore my street clothes said goodbye to the other girls and headed home after a successful first night.

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