I have worked as a London escort for the longest time. I started as a call girl for massage services and a meeting companion. As time went y, I was intrigued by the massive tips the client promised they could offer if I offered much more than the massage. At first, I had to stick to my instincts; however, the little I made barely covered half my bills. So, I had to reconsider the offers once presented. At first, I can attest that the experience was weird but, having been well inducted by my colleges, it was a walk in the park with time. I have so far availed myself for both in-services and out-services programs whenever the opportunity presents. So far, this business has made me thrive well in Bayswater. I cannot regret


I offer a variety of services to my client. Sex is the most exclusive service that an escort provides. According to my experience in holding dialogues, Clients ask for sex service to relieve stress from work and home. Men also like escorts because they have time for them, and they treat them more softly than their wives. The peaceful and calm atmosphere in escort homes makes men enjoy massage and sex service to their fullest.

London escorts also provide partnership services. Guy men ask an escort to represent them like their girlfriends during gatherings and other important social events. During this service, sex is not necessary. London escorts and their client need to meet earlier to plan how to lie concerning their relationship. The escort represents the client to colligation, where the man introduces her as his beautiful royal companion of all times.

Challenges I have faced.

Escorts face many challenges throughout their working time. Escort agencies may enforce some laws to protect their works, but this law may not work as expected. Escorts are always excluded from society. They are considered people who have not met a particular condition. Escorts are viewed as immoral hence they work while hiding. It is not news that some clients have bullied me into meeting their sexual needs. However, I have grown a thick skin, and the income is much alluring.

There are high chances of escorts to incur sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. Since the client is not royal to the escort agency, he might bring STDs from other escort agencies. Moreover, quitting as an escort is problematic since it has solely served as my income source for as long as I can remember. Escorting is also addictive. I have gained a lot of money in a few hours and acquired sentimental gifts from my client, making it difficult to quit.

Pay for Escorts

Escort agencies pay their works according to the duration of the service. Clients may request an escort for more than a day. The client must pay extra money to the agency, which means the escort will be paid extra than their work rates.

I have since graduated as private escorts and, I now hold the cards. I negotiate the price with the clients before the services. The client can tip me depending on the quality of service.

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